Business Security Consulting Services

Whether your needs include investigations of different locations and cultures for new business operations, or process analysis to get the most out of your investment, our professionals can help. 


Pathfinding is about literally providing you with information that constitutes the "path of least resistance" for your entry into a new location or culturally different marketplace.


The local business culture, the process of establishing a business and especially the risks involved are the aspects of pathfinding our customers want to obtain information about.

An important element of Pathfinding is Market intelligence, which includes information on the nature and demands of local consumers, supply and distribution providers and the local political and regulatory environment.

We provide a highly tailored service. We can work to answer any Information Requirement, from a simple question that you may have about a particular location to more complex questions. 

Our service is different because we have on the ground local or regional personnel who can assist you to achieve your business objectives. 

Business Process Analysis

Our Business Process Analysis (BPA) is designed for reviewing operations where the true risks are hidden or unknown. The BPA takes operational review beyond an audit program, as it takes into consideration several more factors to build a risk profile of the process being reviewed.

The factors that are reviewed in a BPA include the following:

  • Financial – specifically cost accounting;

  • Activities – what happens at the operational level in each part of a process

  • Materials usage – parts, raw materials, consumables, etc.

  • Human factors – morale, attitudes, interest, personality traits

  • Risk factors – controls, risks identified, etc.


BPAs are specifically designed to identify specific vulnerabilities associated with a process on a preventive basis. A BPA can also be used to investigate specific losses by reviewing the process where the losses originated, without creating a negative atmosphere with employees having to be involved in an internal investigation.


It is also useful in operationally auditing compliance issues where these are relevant to the process assessed.

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