Compliance Screening

Our task is to identify those people and corporate counter-parties that you deal with who are on sanction lists, are politically exposed persons or who are active in groups that do not reflect your ethics or business culture. 

Social Media Screening

Tracking social media posts and screening the subject's profiles is a critical method of determining potential security issues  arising from posts that have demonstrably translated into action causing harm.

Watch-List Screening

The process is based on checking sanctions and other regulatory lists provided by Dow-Jones and other sources to evaluate customer counterparties for the purpose  of identification on any existing listing.

Connection Analysis

We analyze the links between all the entities involved with the subject in our investigations and screenings with IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook, then deliver it to you in a visual flow-chart, which aids in understanding complex relationships.

Social Media Monitoring

Adverse Media Evaluation

The objective of this service is similar to the Adverse Media monitoring, except that we monitor individual social media accounts for changes and use of specific keywords. 

The adverse media service is delivered by utilizing the customer's data-set to specify counter-parties and continuously search local, regional, national and international media sources in both the local language(s) and English for information relevant to the customer.

This search is not a standard media search, where the term searched for is related to customer or its related parties. This search is based on terms that have negative connotations together with that related to the counter-party’s name.

The adverse media database is not a comparative database in the sense that it does not hold historical data continuously. The data that is not relevant is on a flow in/flow out basis.


Where there is a match of data that is confirmed to be adverse media content by our analysts, the report of this match is retained. 

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