Investigation Services

We provide full-scale background investigations on companies and individuals. Combining professional expertise with highly developed screening tools, we deliver accurate and reliable background information about the subject. These tiered investigations are broad in scope and go in-depth with subject material, pursuing leads through both Open Source Intelligence Collection and Local Field Investigations.

Quick Checks

The Quick Check (QC) program offers efficient background check methods to verify the legitimacy of a subject for low cost. All data is collected from Open Source Intelligence Collection, and since the information collection methods are highly processed, the report turnaround times are shorter (5-10 business days). On individual QCs, two highest levels (Max and Executive) are mainly intended for Pre-Employment background checks. 


Some examples of what  information QCs include are: 

  • Identity Verification

  • Compliance Screening (Sanctions, PEP Lists, Other Watchlists, Litigations, etc.) 

  • Social Media Findings 

  • IBM i2 Link Chart (optional) 



Due Diligence

The Due Diligence (DD) program offers in-depth coverage that goes beyond the realm of Quick Checks. These investigations include the Open Source Intelligence Collection provided in QCs in addition to thorough investigative analysis and the use of a local field agent. The DD program also offers an option for ongoing updates on a subject to keep the client aware of new developments.


Due Diligence investigations typically include: 

  • Identity Verification

  • Compliance Screening (Sanctions, PEP Lists, Other Watchlists, Litigations, etc.)

  • Social Media Findings 

  • Local Field Interviews (neighbors, co-workers, clients, etc.) 

  • Site Visits to Local Non-Digital Archives  

  • Discreet Reputation Check with Business Partners 

  • IBM i2 Link Chart 

COMPANY Due Diligence

INDIVIDUAL Due Diligence

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