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8 Predictions for 2018

2017 seems to have passed in the blink of an eye, bringing with it several changes, and these moments have paved the way for the future. That said, here is a quick look at what is in the forecast for 2018 in the security and compliance industries:


  1. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been expected to set a new standard for consumer rights regarding their data, but companies will face a challenge as they update their systems and processes to comply with the new regulation. Companies must be able to show compliance by May 25, 2018.

  2. However, CSO suggests that some U.S. companies subject to the European Union’s GDPR are falling behind, and may not be able to make the compliance deadline.


  1. F-Secure predicts that production of new types of ransomware will probably slow down in 2018, however cyber criminals will focus more on conducting attacks on companies for a bigger profit from fewer victims.

  2. Biometrics as a form of identity authentication will continue to become more widespread.

  3. State-sponsored attacks will continue as political tensions continue to rise. FireEye suggests that we will see more instances of ‘hacktivism’, that is, attacks to promote a political agenda or social change.

  4. McAfee predicts that there will be a machine learning ‘arms race’ between cyber attackers and defenders.


  1. Bitcoin took a hit after the South Korean government announced new legislation that would heighten regulations on the country’s cryptocurrency markets, however predictions for it and other cryptocurrencies in 2018 remain strong– BlockTribune offered a few predictions regarding increasing user growth for Bitcoin, the use of Bitcoin as a ‘gateway’ to other cryptocurrencies, and increased market growth.

  2. Forbes predicts that cryptocurrency will continue on its path to go mainstream, where more retailers will diversify payment options by offering the use of cryptocurrencies, and furthermore, the development of cryptocurrency-only e-commerce stores.

As these landscapes are so fluid and swiftly changing, it is up to time to determine what changes the New Year will yield. We hope our readers enjoy their celebrations and we will be back next week with another blog update!

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