Security Risk


We provide comprehensive security services geared towards ensuring safe business operations worldwide for the clients, ranging from project security management to technology based services.


The Project Security Manager (PSM) is an embedded security professional responsible for supervising project sites and all other areas of security to protect your personnel and other assets. This typically includes the following measures:

  • Provision of expert advice to employees, including a Security Induction Brief and ongoing briefs, as well as training and informal advice.

  • Review of accommodation arrangements and overseeing any security improvements such as hardening of doors, windows or installation of security cameras and alarms.

  • Review of relevant routes,  including the development of secondary routes and identification of hostile surveillance.

  • Monitoring of security activities at relevant sites, including liaison with local management or guard force leadership as required.

  • Development of intelligence networks to provide early warning of threats and liaison with law enforcement to ensure their timely assistance if required.

  • Provision of information to create relevant and accurate Security Reports for customer stakeholders.

  • Supporting local background checks of locally engaged staff or customer suppliers and other relevant parties as required.

  • Investigation and reporting of security incidents and contingencies.

  • Coordinating medical and security evacuation.

Security Technology

Tailoring our services to meet your specific requirements: 

  • Electronic Security – Alarms, Access Control, Integrated Systems

  • Protection of Data and Sensitive Information

  • Existing System Analysis

  • CCTV and Digital Video Recording Design

  • Thermal Camera Design Specialists

  • (Thermal Fences & Analytics)

  • High Grade Security – Security Alarm Systems, for Defence, Nuclear, Secure Facilities and Border Control.

Security Construction for High Security Environments

Providing you with experienced specialist security expertise: 

  • Risk Management

  • Strategic Security Planning

  • Tender Specifications

  • Physical Security Construction Specialists

  • SCIF’s – design, management and oversight of the construction of Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Facilities including deployable SCIF’s and “containerized SCIF’s” for immediate use and redeployment.

  • Data center designs, security, and implementation management

  • Compliance reviews according to standards and specifications, and ensuring the delivery of client and end-user expectations.

Technology for All Security Environments

Specialist measures applicable to a variety of unique security situations:

  • Risk Management processes

  • Tender Specifications and Product Evaluations

  • Electronic Security Specialists

  • Plans for High Security, High Risk and Sensitive Environments

  • Thermal Fence, Border Protection - all environments, all requirements

  • Design, Tender Specifications & Evaluations, Implementation Management

  • Project Management, Post Installation Review, Witness Testing & Certification

High Security Border Control Perimeter Protection

Thermal Fences – for the 24-hour surveillance and detection of intrusion. The design and implementation of Thermal and Virtual Perimeter Fences, using an integrated design of both Thermal Cameras, Digital Cameras and Intelligent Video Analytics, control room design and operational implementation.


Force Protection Solutions – for water and land medium range detection & deterrence. The design and implementation of Ground Based Radar combined and integrated with Thermal & Conventional Cameras, intelligent Video Analytics and Audio Alert Directional Speakers integrated to form an automated warning and tracking system. The use of “behavioral changing tones” to warn away and or debilitate a perpetrator from breaching a designated perimeter.


Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Facilities (SCIF’s) -

The design and implementation of physical construction and electronic security, access control and acoustical treatment specifications to provide facilities with sufficient security measures to withstand physical attack, tempest attack and the protection of sensitive discussions.


The Centry Shield is a communication application useful in communicating with staff regarding security events, in crisis situations, but also for normal communications – for instance provision of security related information.

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