Sabotage/ Industrial Dispute
Sabotage and escalating threats and conflicts arising from a labor dispute at one of the company's largest manufacturing facilities.
Global Manufacturing Company
Response & Result
We immediately deployed an elite team to provide 24x7 security of the plant and its people. Their task consisted of: carrying out threat assessment and a security assessment of the territory, which is over 200,000 square meters, initiate a project to close off any and all points of vulnerability, initiate best-in-class security procedures, train local management, institute access control measures, introduce behavioral techniques to enhance safety and security, and to maintain diligence on identifying, reporting and correcting every safety issue and/or security issue spotted during each shift.

In parallel, Centry Global conducted a forensic investigation of the sabotage and identified other historic crimes that had been committed in the lead up to the incident. Centry Global cooperated with local and national law enforcement and have worked with various local authorities to address a number of issues that were affecting the client’s ability to operate.

As a result, Centry Global’s stabilization program enabled the factory to resume production in rapid time, returning to planned capacity on or ahead of schedule.
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