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We establish value and facilitate decision making with custom tailored Industrial Security Management & Electronic Surveillance solutions that are strategically aligned to corporate objectives. We provide risk mitigation solutions by innovatively integrating quality measurable services into a client’s existing human or physical security plans. We are the industry leader serving private, public, and government organizations such as corporations, universities/schools, hospitals, schools/education institutions, federal agencies, military bases, airports, infrastructural facilities as well as municipal and utility organizations.

Our Stabilization Programs, and Protective Servives are holistic but modular in approach, which allows us to respond proportionately and swiftly to threats ranging from sabotage, contamination or product tampering, civil unrest, extortion, labour disputes, protests, coup d’état, natural disasters, etc.  

Security Service Modules

Project Security Management

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Temporary or long-term management of security & safety operations, bringing best practices in:

Operational effectiveness

Security Risk Management

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Security technology
Security risk assessments and plans
Technical security counter measures and assessments
Project security management

Security Stabilization Programs

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Technical solutions
Physical solutions
Psychological & behavioral solutions
Intelligence in support of stabilization

Incident Response & Cyber Security

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Tackling of:
Extortion, blackmail, sabotage, threats to life, cyber ransom, reputational damage, malicious litigation, IP theft, etc.

Information security posture review
Threat risk assessment
Executive/staff cyber training
Security policies and procedures review

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