Corporate Risk Management

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Centry Global Group provides clients a complete bundle of outsourcing services. Our organization delivers objective informed advice in a range of risk management, security management, corporate environmental management, and engineering services.

Our Corporate Risk Management teams specialize in delivering actionable intelligence that enable informed decision-making, threat intelligence that can help steer a business away from danger before it’s too late, behavioral profiles that provide unique insights into people who can have the most positive or negative impact on a company and its reputation, investigations that cover a wide range of criminal activity, and crisis response that make the worse situations manageable.

Corporate Risk Management Modules

Automated Compliance Services

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Sanctions and other regulatory watchlists
Adverse media
Dataset comparison
Customer defined watchlists and blacklists

Investigative Services

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Specialized investigations: fraud, product tampering, theft, bribery/corruption, health & safety violations, workplace violence/harassment, etc.

Counterparty due dilligence
Pre-employment screening
Corporate intelligence unit Support services

Business Support Services

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Pathfinding services
Business process analysis
Journey management
Brand protection

Protective Security & Logistic Services

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Hostile environment close protection
Urban environment VIP protection
Extraction of personnel from hostile situations or hostile environments
Medical evacuations
Protection of goods in transit and/or end-to-end
Protection of the supply chain

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