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Sabotage/ Industrial Dispute

Dateline: France

Client: Global Manufacturing Company

Case: Sabotage and escalating threats and conflicts arising from a labor dispute at one of the company's largest manufacturing facilities.

Insurance Fraud

Dateline: Finland, Germany, United Kingdom

Client: Global Insurance Company

Case: A suspicious claim raised concerns the policy holder might be attempting to defraud the insurer across multiple jurisdictions.

Cyber Ransom

Dateline: Multijurisdictional

Client: Leading International Health & Fitness SaaS/Mobile App Producer

Case: Following a very successful ICO (Initial Coin Offering), this global health & fitness Saas (Software as a Service) provider faced a cyber-attack. The attacker used spear phishing to deliver quite sophisticated payloads to infect the CEO's devices, allowing the attacker full access to the executive's personal and professional data, including keys to a wallet that held several million euros worth of the company's tokens.

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