Cyber Ransom
Following a very successful ICO (Initial Coin Offering), this global health & fitness Saas (Software as a Service) provider faced a cyber-attack. The attacker used spear phishing to deliver quite sophisticated payloads to infect the CEO's devices, allowing the attacker full access to the executive's personal and professional data, including keys to a wallet that held several million euros worth of the company's tokens. The data theft also posed serious reputational risk to the company and to a number of prominent businesspeople and celebrities associated with the project and the CEO. The attacker demanded 2 million euros in ransom and said he/they would destroy the company's token value and would expose the material by publishing it on the dark net and to the company's growing online community if he/they were not paid within 72 hours.

Leading International Health & Fitness SaaS/Mobile App Producer
Response & Result
Centry Global's top incident response team deployed immediately. The team consisted of a top response consultant, counter-hacking experts, and cyber technicians from one of the UK's leading forensic labs. While the cyber experts carried out their analysis, the incident response consultant put a strategic communication plan in place and began engaging with the cybercriminal(s).

As a result, The Community that was so vital to the client's ecosystem was engaged and informed about the attack and the attacker. The Community acted as a collective and delivered effective threat neutralization. Having been marked, the specific batch of stolen tokens became worthless. The hacker had gained nothing from the theft of the wallet. Potential collateral victims from the hack were assisted and briefed, removing another element from the hacker's attempted extortion. Once the computers were cleaned and returned with advanced cyber security measures put in place for the client, a special international police task force was given a comprehensive investigative report with forensic evidence to assist in their pursuit of the criminal(s).
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